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Ultimate Dungeon Creator

This will create a totally unique dungeon for you. There are about 500 creatures from lore, myth, and legend. There are various traps and room decorations to make your dungeon a dangerous place. It will also create a very unique set of magic items "just" for your dungeon. This should help you quickly create a dungeon for your fantasy role-playing game.

Game:     The map is based off of geomorphs created by...
  - Dyson Logos 760 Tiles - Risus Monkey 636 Tiles  
  - Rorschachhamster 236 Tiles - Stonewerks 400 Tiles  
  - Glenn Jupp 80 Tiles - Stuart Robertson 24 Tiles  

Characters:    A "level" is required for this.
Outside Terrain:
Map Width:
Map Height:     ...or use your own map...
My Map's Rooms:
Click on the dragon to bring up a Manual of Monsters.
 - Read the instructions below about this feature.
 - Check this to use the Manual of Monsters.
Outside Visitors:                         Undead Only:  
Atmosphere: chance of unextraordinary atmosphere
Furnish Rooms:
Encounter: % Min Max Low
Trap: % Min Max Low
Loot: % Min Max Low

Loot Trapped: % Loot Adjustment:       %      
Unusual Items: % Artifacts:       %      
Coin Amount: % Dragon/Demon/Devil/Lich Loot:      


1. Choose a GAME system that you play...or one close to it.
2. Check the BOXES for the geomorph artists you wish to include in the generated map.*
3. Choose a NAME for your dungeon.*
4. Choose a LEVEL for your dungeon.*
5. Choose how many CHARACTERS and followers are going to traverse this dungeon. Choosing this option will better calculate some life points for encounters but requires to have the LEVEL set to do it.*
6. Select an OUTSIDE TERRAIN for random encounters outside the dungeon.*
7. Choose a MAP WIDTH and HEIGHT. If you have your own map, then select the number of rooms it has.
8. Use the MANUAL OF MONSTERS to fine tune what appears in this dungeon. Using this will ignore such values as UNDEAD ONLY and OUTSIDE VISITORS . If you do not use this manual, then all dungeon monsters will be used. The check box is provided so you can flip the Manual of Monsters on and off quickly.*
9. If you have selected some OUTSIDE TERRAIN, checking this may have those creatures appear in your dungeon. This does not work with freshwater or sea creatures.*
10. Selecting UNDEAD ONLY will only use such creatures, but it can be mixed with OUTSIDE VISITORS.*
11. Then enter your % chance for having an atmosphere in an area that is unextraordinary. You can also decide to have no atmosphere listed for the areas.
12. Decide if you want to FURNISH ROOMS with items, decorations, and furniture.
13. Then enter your % chances for areas to have ENCOUNTERS, TRAPS, and LOOT appear.
14. Select a MINimum and MAXimum amount of ENCOUNTERS, TRAPS, and LOOT that may appear.
15. Select a LOW ratio for your MIN and MAX values. This allows you to fine tune how often a MAX value occurs. The higher your LOW value, the less often the MAX value will be achieved.
16. Although the TRAP section covers rooms, this allows you to set how often LOOT is trapped.
17. If you want to do a LOOT ADJUSTMENT, then set the additional % chance per level of the encounter added to the LOOT % chance.*
18. How often do want things like pools, fountains, idols, altars, statues, magical talking mouths, or pentagrams to appear?*
19. Do you have a low magic setting? Setting the ARTIFACTS to a lower percentage will replace magic items with normal items.*
20. Do you notice too many coins for a 3 character group? Maybe the characters are getting a little too rich. Then you can set the COIN AMOUNT to a lower percentage of coins that appear in the loot. This also reduces the value of gems and jewels.*
21. If you want dragons, demons, devils, and liches to almost always have some type of treasure, then check this box. It will substantially add to the LOOT % to make sure they have something in their area...otherwise, they will use the standard LOOT % settings.*

*These fields are optional

For help exporting this map to a single IMAGE file, read THIS before proceeding.  For help saving any reports you generate to a PDF file, read THIS before proceeding.

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T&T™   Combat Dice Sheets - 

 Data Files - 

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