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Welcome to Wizardawn Tabletop Games.  Here you will find many tools that you may find handy for Wizardawn™ games, along with some of your favorite role-playing games like OSRIC™, Swords & Wizardry™, Labyrinth Lord™, Mutant Future™, Basic Fantasy Role-Playing Game, and Tunnels & Trolls™ .

April 20
Pencils & Paper
Like many of you, the days of keeping notebook paper characters was just something we had to do. Not many people have typewriters, or let alone some computer with a word processor and printer. If we were able to get secret use of the school's copier machine (or pay the 10 cents per copy), we would often create a nicely written sheet and just copy it to save work later.

So I was messing around the other day and felt like bringing a bit of retro look back to a Dungeons & Dragons character sheet. Since I play Moldvay (also known as B/X D&D). this character sheet is geared toward that use. I know character sheets are not hard to make anymore in this day and age, but the styles we create our character sheets are usually unique. Feel free to click the image to the right and you can get a PDF copy of this character sheet to use in your game. They should even fit nicely in your Trapper Keeper.

March 20
Thundarr, Dark Elves, & Maps
There is now an option in the World Maps tool that allows for a mixture of both fantasy and post-apocalyptic on the same map...for those Thundarr style games. The Fantasy Names tool has also been updated to have the ability to generate random dark elf names. The mass exodus from Godaddy is complete so this site should be all set and links should all point to here yet again.

December 18
Footprints At Dragonsfoot

is a fan-made magazine by people who hang out at Dragonsfoot...and mostly focuses on the first edition of Advanced Dungeons & Dragons.  There are currently 20 issues that you can download electronically for free, and they are full of great material for any version of TSR D&D.  This is another great magazine that shows how hobbyists can shine brighter than businessmen when it comes to great gaming information.  It is like getting an old copy of Dragon magazine, but someone stripped out all of the advertisements and non-gaming ramblings where you are left with all the good stuff.

One of my favorite articles is from issue #2 where Mike Stewart wrote an article titled "Multiclasses as Classes".  This takes the AD&D multi-class system and reduces it to something more brilliant and elegant...where people would want to actually play a multi-class character.  Instead of your character sheet showing "Fighter/Cleric"...how about "Crusader"?  Instead of a "Fighter/Thief"...how about a "Brigand"?  Plus it gives a single level/XP table to manage for the class.  It is just a brilliant idea that I never would have thought of on my own.  It has been out for years but is often missed by many as existing, so it sometimes needs to have the word spread around now and again.  Definitely one to check out.

December 8
World of Darboria
The one thing I forgot to bring over from my Green Dragon Tavern days was the world map I made for my Dungeons & Dragons B/X game.  The world is called Darboria and you can get a larger version of this map by clicking the image below.  I had no immediate details about this world, as the players began their journey in the middle of the map.  Specifically, they started in the Village of Summervale and my goal was to flesh out the world as the characters moved outward from their village.  With that stated, this map was made from some of the tools available here.  It is only made available for those who want a quick world where they can do the same thing I did...and make Darboria their own.  Feel free to use the tools here to make random towns, cities, dungeons, and regions for players to explore.

November 26
Swords & Wizardry Complete Rules
Swords & Wizardry™ is one of these games I never played...but really like.  I liked it so much that I added support for it here at Wizardawn quite awhile ago, mainly because I wanted all the fine gaming folks to have something cool to help in their gaming when it game to this ruleset.  Due to the crowd funding reaching a particular goal, these Complete Rules are now free in electronic format.  Since they do not seem to be posted in a consistent place on the Internet, I decided to post a link to them in the Links section (on the bottom left side, under the Mythmere Games section).

If you go over the electronic copy of the Complete Rules and like what you see, you might want to get a nice hard cover over at Frog God Games for about $35.  I think that is a pretty good price for a complete game, but everyone's opinion on value and money differ.  Now on to a few of my opinions on the newer Complete Rules...

Old Cover New Cover

November 11
An AD&D Magazine For Fans...By Fans
is a free, theme-based magazine focused on old-school Advanced Dungeons & Dragons™ that aims to provide ideas, perspectives, entertainment, and thought-provoking articles and game aids for both players and Dungeon Masters.  From fantasy fiction, to original adventures, to new spells and magic items, to game theory...& Magazine aims at delivering useful content primarily for the 1st edition of AD&D™ (but can be used with any edition of TSR D&D or their respective clones).  So far there are 6 issues that focus on...

Issue #1 Low Level Adventuring
Issue #2 Undead
Issue #3 Nautical Adventures
Issue #4 Classes & Guilds
Issue #5 Magic & Magic Items
Issue #6 Wilderness Adventuring

There is a 7th issue due to be out this month and it will focus on the Inner Planes.  There will be articles on adventuring in the planes, a new archer (archer/ranger) class, and even an interview with Wild Games Productions' Vincent Florio.  Along with new dungeons, spells, magic items, and creature features...this free magazine puts the the high production cost magazines to shame.  Along with their magazine releases, they also released two handy supplements of new magic items, and another supplement with over 50 pages of new spells.  You definitely need to check them out...especially if you want your fantasy game to become even better.

August 22
Traps & Treasure
Today I did some work on the non-coin treasure and added a few new types of valuables to find in dungeons.  Items such as silverware, candlesticks, canes, weapon parts, perfume, clothes, tankards, and some others.  Things worth money but a diversion from just finding coins.  I also added something extra to traps as well.  Traps (fantasy traps...anyway) will now come with a random description on how to deactivate the traps.  It is up to the Game Master how they want to use that information.  If they want to let the thief do their normal roll...but non-thieves can use the deactivation method...that is one example on how this can be adjudicated in game.  Anyway, it should give some guidance or spark an idea on how traps can be dealt with.

August 21
Manual of Monsters
The Manual of Monsters is a new features in the Ultimate Dungeon Creator and the Ultimate Dungeon Delve where you can pick the monsters you want to appear in your dungeon.  This replaces the old option to have up to 2 encounters that you choose from a drop down menu.  You can pick many monsters from the database of monsters here and a range between 1 to 100 to indicate how often the creature may show up (1 being "not often" while 100 is "very often").  There is also 5 spaces that allow you to add your very own encounters into the mix.  Just type your stat block into any of these 5 spaces and they may appear in your dungeon.  Make sure when you decide to use this feature that you read the instructions carefully.  If this works out well, I will add it to a couple of other tools here.  You will notice the Manual of Monsters contains every monster in the database and not just "dungeon dwelling" monsters.  This is on purpose because I don't want to stop you from having a dungeon full of giant crabs or dinosaurs if you want.

July 31
Wizardry & Warriors
You may notice some of the tools here with options for Wizardry & Warriors.  I know...you never heard of this game as it really isn't a full game at all.  Wizardry & Warriors is a rules supplement for Tunnels & Trolls™ 5th edition that I have been working on for awhile.  It does some things differently than the original rules, so the separate options are appearing as I work on this supplement.  It is not a complete game and requires one to have either Tunnels & Trolls™ 4th or 5th edition.  Even the Monsters! Monsters! game would work for this as well.  So I didn't want to stir up confusion while I work on this project for my gaming group.  When I am done with things, I will post them up for anyone to use if they wish.

July 23
World of Zendynn
The world of Zendynn™ is a post-apocalyptic supplement for the Millenniums & Mutations™ addon for Tunnels & Trolls™.  The Zendynn™ supplement provides you with a map of the known world, 300 creatures, and 100 robots to help design your adventures.  There are tables included that are organized by the terrain which the enemies dwell, along with lists sorted by name and difficulty.  There are two versions available depending on the version of Tunnels & Trolls™ you use.  You can get a copy in the Millenniums & Mutations™ supplement section.  You can also make yourself a customized listing of these monsters in the Monster Listings tool.



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